Limb loss / Limitation / Amputee


Cerebral Palsy

Hemiparesis / Hemiplegia


Multiple Sclerosis

HOW TO USE:Lift Magnetic frame, insert paper.
MAT DIMENSIONS:10" x 12", Frame opening: 7.5" x 10"
MAT MATERIAL: PVC frame, Rubber backing, Magnetic strips

StayPut Mat:non-slip writing aid.

Support independence.  Nurture creativity.  Say goodbye to slipping paper.

Slipping paper is frustrating.

The StayPut Mat is the solution. 


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The StayPut Mat is a non-slip drawing mat & writing aid that can be used with any letter-size paper. The StayPut Mat is portable, durable and easy to use.  The magnetic frame secures the paper while the non-slip frame backing eliminates movement on the table surface.  This is a great tool for anyone with upper limb limitations and cannot stabilize a piece of paper independently